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APOC® 567 Pro-Tac Reinforced Self Adhering Membrane

APOC 567
Pro-Tac Reinforced Self Adhering Membrane

  • Self-adhered for easy application without mechanical fasteners
  • Excellent waterproofing membrane
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Ideal for tie-ins, flashings and drain areas

APOC 567 Pro-Tac Reinforced Self Adhering Membrane is an easy to apply SBS Rubberized Membrane used for a variety of roofing and waterproofing applications. APOC 567 comes in 12” and 36” rolls that are 50 ft. in length. It’s 12” width is primarily used for flashing perimeter metal edge, curbs, drains and metal flanges. Full width sheets can be used to flash under HVAC units and over metal and wood covers on curbs. Can also be used as a base ply for patch and repair systems over insulation board. It’s high tensile and elongation make it an excellent split repair reinforcement for existing BUR, SBS and APP modified bitumen systems. It requires no open flame torch or adhesive to apply. Remove release paper before applying. APOC reflective coating must be applied to protect surface from the sun and UV exposure.

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Product Specifications

Code Dimensions
AP-5673 3 rolls @ 12"x50'