APOC offers a variety of warranties to its customers. APOC warranties will vary by product, application rate, system selection, climate, roof type, condition of substrate, and other criteria. The information below provides some general guidelines for APOC warranties. Labor & material warranties require that APOC products are installed by an APOC Certified Applicator.

Material Warranties

APOC offers two types of material warranties. A product warranty can be found on the product packaging. The product must be applied in accordance with the proper application procedures, and for the intended use as stated on the label. Should a product not perform as stated, APOC shall, within its sole discretion and upon receipt of purchaser’s timely written notice within the Warranty Period, provide replacement product to repair the affected area or prorate a portion of the purchase price of the defective product based on the claim period.

The second option in material warranties offered by APOC is a system material warranty. The length of the warranty can be determined based on the substrate to which the system is applied, the materials in the system and the mil thickness in which the products are applied.

To see the material warranty system options and warranty duration click below.

To register your system material warranty, please click below and fill out the registration form.
A certificate will be provided once the registration is processed.

Labor & Material Warranties

APOC offers a wide variety of labor and material system warranties when projects are completed by APOC Certified Applicators. Appropriate systems will be determined after the first roof inspection and approval. Click below to view the labor and material warranty system guide. To receive additional warranty information, email us.

Building Owners

Please see the Roof Maintenance Warranty Guidelines for Building Owners below for guidance on properly maintaining your roof post restoration to ensure the validity of your warranty.

Warranty Claim

If the APOC materials do not perform as stated on the product packaging or technical data sheet, owner shall provide written notice of claim, together with original proof of purchase of APOC products within 30 days after discovery of alleged defect to:

APOC Roofing Systems, Inc.
C/O Warranty Department
4161 E. 7th Ave.
Tampa, FL 33675
Or email us at warrantyforms@apoc.com.

Failure to so advise APOC in a timely manner shall relieve APOC of any obligation under this warranty.

For additional warranty and disclaimer information, call us at 1-888-891-3536.