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APOC® 535 Premium Rubberized Aluminum Roof Coating

  • Highly Reflective & Cool Aluminum Finish
  • Great for BUR, Metal, & Modified Membranes
  • Adds Years of Life to Existing Roof Surfaces

APOC 535 Premium Rubberized Aluminum Roof Coating is a highly rubberized, ultra bright aluminum coating designed for maximum performance. APOC 535 is formulated with select solvents, rubber and aluminum pigment to provide exceptional weathering abilities and performance characteristics. APOC 535 provides outstanding expansion and contraction abilities while also reflecting destructive UV rays and reducing surface temperatures. This heavy duty, high performance coating can be used on a variety of roof surfaces to reduce roof temperatures and cooling costs.

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Product Specifications

Code Volume Weight Dimensions
AP-5355 5 Gal 45 lb 12" x 12" x 14.75"