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APOC® 207 Silver Guard® Non-Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating

  • Bright Silver Finish
  • Reflective - Lowers Cooling Costs
  • Protects & Restores - Extends Roof Life
  • Rust Inhibiting - Helps Prevent Corrosion on Metal Surfaces

APOC 207 Silver Guard Non-Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating is a 2 pound, professional grade reflective coating. APOC 207 is formulated to provide a bright and long lasting finish that reflects the sun's destructive rays reducing cooling costs while protecting the roof underneath. APOC 207 also serves as a rust inhibitor and will aid in the prevention of corrosion for metal surfaces. Meets ASTM D2824, TYPE l and is Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved.

Testing & Approvals:

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Product Specifications

Code Volume Weight Dimensions
AP-2075 5 Gal 42 lb 12" x 12" x 14.75"
AP-2077 55 Gal Drum 490 lb 23" x 23" x 94"