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FoamPro® RTF1000EZ Gun

  • Engineered for Quick Setup and Shutdown
  • Provide Consistency from Jobsite to Jobsite
  • Rugged All Metal Design
  • Designed for Use with the APOC Polyset AH-160 Roof tile Adhesive Refillable Systems

The FoamPro® RTF1000EZ is a revolutionary, durable, and reliable polyurethane adhesive dispensing system. This technology & hardware is easy to use, easy to maintain, cost effective and developed for the applicator in mind. The RTF1000EZ is engineered for quick setup and shutdown, roof top manual calibration, and consistency from job site to job site.


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Product Specifications

Code Description
62988510061 Includes 100’ (30 M) Hose
62988510053 Includes 150’ (46 M) Hose
62988510046 Includes 200’ (60 M) Hose

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