Project Name

Industrial Warehouse
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Existing Roof System

Modified granules
Metal deck
Estimated at 10+ years old

Products Used

Although the roof was in fair condition, an industrial warehouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida had some major problem areas that needed to be addressed. Being exposed to the climate of South Florida which produces a combination of intense sun and frequent heavy rains, it's no surprise that there were several areas on the roof which had leaks and large amounts of granule loss. Upon full assessment, the roofing contractor had confidence a silicone roof system could handle the ponding water issues and intense sunshine experienced by the building.

The contractor selected APOC products to complete this roof restoration project, which was a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement.

"APOC 585 was superior to its competitors and the silicone, when applied, remained white unlike its competitors."

The system used was APOC 583, 585 and 515. This was the contractor’s first time using APOC Silicone and both he and his project manager were both very impressed by the performance of our APOC 583, 585 and 515. The APOC team worked alongside the roofing contractor during the whole process. We were able to repair open seams and flashings with APOC 483 Polyester / APOC 585 and APOC 515. The contractor described the coating as very easy to apply in comparison to the competition and are considering using APOC 583, 585 and 515 on future silicone projects.

The contractor not only had a great experience with our customer service, but was able to save time and money by using APOC.

Materials included in the APOC System included:

Ultimately, the building benefits from a long lasting, monolithic, impermeable membrane that defends against ponding water, UV rays and extreme temperatures. Application is faster and less disruptive than a roof replacement, better for the contractor and building occupants. And everyone benefits with a sustainable system that is solvent-free and delivers high solar reflectivity and thermal emittance.


  • High reflectivity rate
  • Impervious to moisture
  • Long service life
  • Resists algae, easy cleaning