Project Profile: Roofing Supply Warehouse

Project Name

Roofing Supply Warehouse
Tucson, AZ

Existing Roof System

Mineral surfaced fiberglass cap sheet
Built-up roof system

Products Used

System Used


Existing roof consisted of fiberglass base, fiberglass ply and hot asphalt, a typical three ply BUR over a wood deck. The roof was installed over ten years ago and was never coated. It was leaking and the fiberglass in the felt was visible, but overall it was still a good candidate to be restored. With the restoration system there was no tear off involved and no reason to add waste to landfills.

The building owner asked APOC for suggestions on the roof. APOC representative suggested that he not tear off the roof, but instead install an APOC restoration system. We explained the system and the benefits of applying the system and he wanted it done. The building owner had a certain contractor in mind to do the work, and while the contractor was not familiar with APOC restoration systems, after discussing the application he was well informed and ready to go. Discussions and training were made prior to application of the system, and frequent visits at various stages while the system was being applied. APOC representative worked with building owner to identify prep steps required and application procedure to follow to address issues and create a lasting, maintainable roofing system.

Materials for the APOC System included:

The building owner reported that he saved over 30% installing the APOC Roof Restoration System compared to tearing off the existing roof and installing a new roof. He indicated that time & labor savings are more than 50%. On top of that, the roof restoration system is now saving them up to 30% in his energy costs.


  • High reflectivity rate
  • Protective barrier
  • Long service life
  • Resists algae, easy cleaning