Project Profile: Distribution Center

Project Name

Distribution Center
San Dimas, CA

Existing Roof System

Mineral surfaced fiberglass cap sheet
Built-up roof system

Products Used

System Used


The roof had multiple leaks caused by splitting and blistering of existing cap sheet roof system. There were leaks around the drains and roof top equipment and granule loss on existing mineral surfaced fiberglass cap sheet.

“The product is very easy to work with and the finished product looks great. The Sun White acrylic’s reflectivity is by far the best on the market.” said Will at Central Roofing. Representative from APOC was on the roof daily to ensure the project was running smoothly and to answer any question the owner or contractor may have had. The customer received a 10 year NDL warranty for this project

“The support APOC gives Central Roofing and our customers is above and beyond other manufacturers in the industry."

System used was AM2-PE-252. Power washed the roof, made necessary repairs to splits, blisters, drains, roof top equipment curbs using APOC #501 Super-Flash Neoprene and fiberglass mesh. Applied APOC #300 asphalt emulsion at a rate of 8 gallons per square with two layers of 40” polyester mesh embedded in a shingle fashion. Once emulsion system was cured applied APOC #252 Sun White Acrylic Coating at a rate of 3 gallons per 100 square feet.

Materials for the APOC System included:

There was no down time for the facility while the restoration system was being applied. It was business as usual. This was possible because the existing roof did not have to be removed causing additional staging areas for dumpsters or dump trucks. The noise level was kept to a minimum also because there was no tear off or mechanically fastening of new rolled goods. After the roof was power washed there was minimal dirt or debris in the air. There were no fumes from a hot kettle or potential fire danger with using an APP (torch applied) modified membrane.


  • High reflectivity rate
  • Protective barrier
  • Long service life
  • Resists algae, easy cleaning