Project Profile: Motorcycle Dealership

Project Name

Motorcycle Dealership
Palm Springs, CA

Existing Roof System

Mineral surfaced built-up roof system

Products Used

Due to traffic on the roof, the BUR mineral cap sheet had several areas that were essentially bare asphalt. Those created a lot of heat gain in the building.

“APOC met with us to help coordinate the application that would work best,” according to John Eminhizer, owner of Inland Pacific, contractor on the job. He contacted APOC to determine if their location would be a candidate for a cool roof restoration. APOC worked with contractors to ensure proper application at each step. APOC provided the system specification to ensure good communication with contractors. “The APOC rep stayed in contact with us for the duration of the project,” he added. “We had no down time due to materials.”

“APOC is serious about service and satisfaction. Don't waste your time with other products that won't perform. Step up to APOC.”

System included an initial layer of waterproofing protection, then a white polyester reinforcing fabric and white cool roof coating. APOC #300 emulsion and a polyester fabric were used to create the waterproofing part of the system. Flashings and other roof details were patched and sealed with APOC’s 100% Neoprene Rubber #501 Flashing Cement, and the system was topped with APOC #252 Elastomeric grey base coat as a primer and APOC #252 Elastomeric white as the topcoat.

Materials for the APOC System included:

There was no down time for the facility during the restoration and the customer was thrilled with the result, especially the cooling provided by APOC 252 Sunwhite cool roof coating. “The tenants on this project are happy with the major temperature change,” noted Mr. Eminhizer.


  • High reflectivity rate
  • Protective barrier
  • Long service life
  • Resists algae, easy cleaning