Project Profile: Retail Brand Headquarters

Project Name
Retail Brand Headquarters
Anaheim, CA

Project Size
55,000 sq.ft.

Rosscrete Roofing, Inc

Existing Roof System
Granulated BUR

Products Used

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This popular retailer headquarters, located in Anaheim, California had an aged BUR roof, ready for restoring. APOC fully reinforced elastomeric roof system was chosen to extend the life of this existing roof, while adding future benefits and savings.

First, all of the penetrations and potential areas of concern were reinforced and repaired using APOC 482F Polyester Reinforcing Fabric and APOC 264 Elastomeric Roof Patch.

Next, a base coat of APOC 300-S Asphalt Emulsion was sprayed across the entire roof, with APOC 482F Polyester Reinforcing Fabric embedded into the emulsion. The APOC 300-S Asphalt Emulsion is not only efficient, it's solvent-free and adds the durability and longevity of asphalt, without heat or risk of injury that can occur in torched rolls or hot asphalt systems.

Lastly, APOC 248 Elastomeric Coating was used to coat the entire roof creating a seamless, protective barrier. Not only is the life of the roof extended, it's also reflective, which will resist the California sun's harmful rays and protect the roof from accelerated aging. The lower roof temperature will also decrease internal building temperatures resulting in recurring savings from lessened air conditioning needs. Not only did this retailer brand restore their existing roof, but they will benefit from future savings from reflectivity, lower roof maintenance costs and are backed by APOC's labor and material warranty.


  • High reflectivity rate
  • Added durability
  • Occupants were able to remain in the building during the restore
  • Protective barrier
  • Lower roof maintenance costs