Project Profile: Residential Roof Tile

Project Name
Residential Roof Tile
Weston, Florida

Project Size
4,500 sq.ft.

BMI Roofing

Existing Roof System
2-Layer 30/90 Hot Mop System

Products Used

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A residential home in Weston, Florida had a 17-year-old tile roof that was aging. The roof had multiple broken/loose tiles and the style of tile was discontinued, unable to be repaired. There was damage caused by broken tiles, water intrusion and exposure to the elements, affecting the roof layers down to the plywood. The homeowner and contractor chose an APOC two-layer roof tile system as a solution, with an updated gray, flat tile.

First, all the existing roof materials down to the plywood were removed and discarded. Once the roof deck was cleaned off and exposed, the damaged plywood was assessed and replaced as needed. Then the APOC 26 #30 Tuff-Felt Asphalt Roof Underlayment was put down and adhered.

Next, the APOC 128 All-Pro SBS Modified Flashing Cement was used to seal around all the pipe flashings, metal flashing, and underlayment laps. APOC 128 was easy to spread and sealed all the penetrations to ensure the underlayment end/side laps were adhered properly. The APOC 103 Bond N’ Prime Asphalt Primer was used on the metal flashings to provide a strong bond to the underlayment.

Once all the flashing and underlayment laps were sealed and adhered, the APOC Weather-Armor FT3 Fleece-Top Roof Underlayment was laid and adhered. With this home being in Florida, it’s critical to ensure the roof will withstand extreme temperature and weather conditions long-term. FT3 was chosen for its exceptional strength,
bonding abilities, durability, and waterproofing capabilities.

Lastly, the roof tiles were installed with APOC Polyset AH-160 Roof Tile Adhesive, in a 17-gallon refillable system. APOC Polyset AH-160 was installed in a large paddy application, which can withstand the wind up-lift of a category 5 hurricane. This gives the homeowner peace of mind living in a hurricane-prone area. This product was chosen due to its incredible bond strength – providing up to 80% additional break strength compared to other supported tiles.  APOC Polyset AH-160 is used without mechanical fasteners, so it won’t puncture the waterproofing membrane or the roof deck, providing a waterproof and secure tile roof for years to come.


  • Incredible durability and strength
  • Compatibility - products have been tested and approved to be used as a system
  • Compliance - Miami Dade and Florida Building Code approved
  • Longevity - backed by an industry leading brand with time-tested products and warranties