Project Profile: Fire Station

Project Name
Fire Station
Santa Clarita, CA

Project Size
10,000 sq.ft.

AceTek Roofing

Existing Roof System
Granulated APP

Products Used

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This fire station, located in Santa Clarita, California was experiencing roof leaks in their existing granulated APP roof. Often times when a roof is failing, a decision must be made to either restore or re-roof. After careful evaluation, this fire station made the decision to extend the life of the existing roof by choosing APOC and our team was there every step of the way.

First, all of the leaks and potential areas of concern were addressed and repaired using APOC 581 Silicone Roof Patch. Next, the roof was properly primed with APOC 583 Bleed Blocking primer to reduce the possibility for bleed-through, keeping the coating bright white.

Lastly, APOC 585 Silicone Coating was used to coat the entire roof creating a seamless, waterproof barrier. This roof had sections with skylights, multiple penetrations and HVAC units that were able to be sealed properly and easily using APOC Silicone. Not only is this roof now leak-free, it is also reflective, which will resist the California sun's harmful rays and protect the roof from accelerated aging. The lower roof temperature will also decrease internal building temperatures resulting in recurring savings from lessened air conditioning needs. Not only did the Fire Station restore their existing roof and fix their roof leaks, but they will benefit from future savings from reflectivity, lower roof maintenance costs and are backed by APOC's labor and material warranty.


  • High reflectivity rate
  • Occupants were able to remain in the building during the restore
  • Protective, watertight barrier
  • Lower roof maintenance costs