Built-up and Modified Roof System Specs

A very common roof type are built-up and modified bit roofs. APOC provides proven, industry leading roofing system solutions for this type of roof specifically. As the roofing system experts, we provide a wide variety of information to support our commercial customers and specifiers, such as the information below. This information is for general guidance only; for specific system recommendations for your job, contact your APOC distributor or APOC sales representative by clicking here.

Specifications Description Spec Sheet Guide Sheet Details
AM-525-212 Armorflex topped with Aluminum (SB)
AM-525-CGR Armorflex topped with Ceramic Granules
AM-525-GRV Armorflex topped with Gravel
AM-ES-252 White Elastomeric Coating
AM1-MF-PE-252 1 Polyester / Monoform / Emulsion / White Elastomeric
AM1-PA-252 1 Polyester / Full Acrylic Adhesive / White Elastomeric
AM1-PE-252 1 Polyester / Emulsion / White Elastomeric
AM1-PE-400 1 Polyester / Emulsion / Aluminum
AM1-PE-MF-400 1 Polyester / Emulsion / Monoform / Aluminum
AM2-MF-PE-252 2 Polyester / Monoform / Emulsion / White Elastomeric
AM2-PE-252 2 Polyester / Emulsion / White Elastomeric
AM2-PE-400 2 Polyester / Emulsion / Aluminum
AM2-PE-MF-400 2 Polyester / Emulsion / Monoform / Aluminum

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