Polyset® Roofing Adhesives Join the APOC® Professional Portfolio

Polyset® Roofing Adhesives Join the APOC® Professional Portfolio

The Polyset brand will further strengthen the comprehensive APOC brand portfolio, delivering even greater value to roofing and waterproofing contractors.

Polyset roofing adhesives are now a part of the APOC premier brand of commercial and residential building products, helping to strengthen the industry-leading APOC brand with professional products that can help you gain efficiencies and drive your business forward.

Long used by roofing contractors and installers to save time and avoid setbacks, Polyset roofing adhesives offer speed and simplicity through unique dispensing technology, strong adhesion properties, along with ease in application and durability. Polyset systems grant professionals a convenient option to build lasting roofs for clients and bigger profits for their businesses. Polyset has been part of ICP Group since 2016; going forward, all offerings will be branded APOC Polyset Roofing Adhesives.

The brand merger will grant contractors easy access to a complete selection of reliable products that help ensure projects are completed professionally with ease and meet increasingly rigorous code requirements.

“Our goal is to fully establish the APOC brand as a more comprehensive offering of roofing and waterproofing products that building professionals can count on to deliver value while building efficiency into their business,” said Ashley Phillips, Brand Marketing Manager, ICP Group. “Bringing Polyset products under the APOC umbrella is a logical fit that reflects ICP’s long-term investment in the APOC family of products.”

 APOC’s comprehensive portfolio includes roof coatings coatings, adhesives, sealants, construction products and much more. APOC maintains a continuous focus on bringing top-performing products to market that contribute to long-lasting building systems that offer flexibility and innovation to contractors.

The brand merger will have no impact on product development, testing or approvals, though product labels are expected to change so contractors can spot their favorite APOC Polyset products in new packaging coming soon.

 With a focus on quality and innovation, APOC products set a high standard for the building industry. Visit apoc.com and www.ICPGroup.com for more information about products created with roofing professionals in mind.


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