New Packaging Coming Soon – Beginning Spring 2023!

New Packaging Coming Soon – Beginning Spring 2023!

APOC®, a premier brand of roofing and waterproofing products that maximize productivity, performance and energy efficiency, is happy to announce updated packaging across all product lines beginning this spring. From roof coatings to waterproofing sealants and many products in between, the new labeling convention delivers a more uniform experience to customers—calling attention to important features and benefits, while also minimizing confusion.

Now featuring newly designed front panels with large product numbers and simplified descriptions, APOC-branded items are easily distinguishable from competitors—and one another—on the shelves. The brand’s iconic black and yellow header and new tagline, “professional protection,” appear front and center above product application and background imagery. The addition of large warranty badges, where applicable, paired with consistent iconography use denotes the right products for specific applications at a glance, while QR Codes immediately redirect contractors to more in-depth product information, including videos, tech data sheets and more.

“We’ve focused on making our packaging easier for our customers to identify the right product for their application,” said Krista Steiger, Senior Channel Marketing Manager at ICP Group, parent company of APOC. “Uniformity in how product numbers, warranty information and more appear across all APOC lines, whether silicone or acrylic, for example, ensures they’re able to find the right products for every job when and where those products are needed. Knowing which accessory items to use with specific coatings is a primary benefit of this updated packaging branding. We’ve worked hard to make these lines of compatible products easily identifiable through color-coding to help eliminate confusion at the time of purchase, as well as errors in application when used on the job.”

When revamping the packaging, the team not only made the label components more recognizable but focused on educating applicators as well. All featured graphics now include corresponding Spanish translations, and both the color and number of coats required for each product to perform optimally are called out. And, with all label components appearing in the same designated location regardless of product type, installers will also now spend less time in-store searching for the appropriate products.

“Our customers shared their pain points and we listened,” Steiger said. “We’re excited for the impact this updated packaging branding will have on the lives and businesses of those who put their trust in APOC product lines.”

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