Never Worry About Compatibility Again with APOC’s Roof Tile System

Never Worry About Compatibility Again with APOC’s Roof Tile System

With the addition of the former Polyset Roof Tile Adhesives to the APOC product line, APOC can now maximize product availability and performance while becoming a one-stop shop for most roof tile systems from deck to tile. APOC can now provide unmatched compatibility with products that have been tested and approved to be used as a system, while holding Miami-Dade and Florida Building code approvals.

Take a quick look at the compatible products in our APOC Roof Tile System:

  1. APOC 26 30# Tuff-Felt
    1. A heavy-duty reinforcement with high tensile strength and tear resistance, designed to be used over plywood to protect against moisture entry.

  2. APOC 128 SBS Modified Flashing Cement
    1. A multi-purpose repair compound & mastic that is excellent for setting and repairing flashing, gutters, sills, lintels, copings, skylights, seams, expansion joints and all types of roofing repairs.

  3. APOC Weather-Armor FT3
    1. A fleece-top underlayment designed for use under tile that protects against ice and water dams.

  4. APOC Polyset Roof Tile Adhesives
    1. Low pressure, polyurethane foam adhesives that are designed to adhere tile while virtually eliminating deck penetrations.

For more information and to view each product and how they’re used in the system, click here for our interactive program.

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