FAQ: Distributors

How can I find an APOC “equal” to other products in the market place?
There are comparison charts available from your APOC sales representative which compare the most common products among 9 different manufacturers. Double check and make sure you are recommending the right product by calling your APOC sales representative.

Is this your best price?
Call the APOC Regional Manager for custom quotes on multiple truck loads, tankers, or special products which may not be on the price list.

What are the best APOC Cool Roof coatings?
Water based white: APOC #252.......Solvent based white: APOC #545.......Solvent based aluminum: APOC #211 non-fibered or APOC #212 fibered.......Rubberized aluminum: APOC #535.......Waterbased aluminum: APOC #400

What is the best way to mix solvent- based aluminum coating?
Use a power mixer – minimum ½” drill with a large mixing paddle. Mix on the roof and turn buckets upside down prior to mixing.

What percentage of solids are there in your white coatings?
For questions about product specifications, check the data sheet and MSDS sheets for the APOC product your contractor is interested in. Both are available on the website.

What promotional aides are available to Distributors?
There are several great items, and more to come. Current items include: [A] counter mat with key APOC products, [B] bucket displays, [C] cured product samples,and [D] literature for counters. Call your local APOC rep for help with displays.

When should a contractor use non-fibered aluminum and when should he use fibered?
When spraying aluminum use APOC #211 non-fibered, when using rollers use APOC#212 fibered.

Where can I find a list of all APOC products?
Ask for the APOC Product Catalog from your local APOC representative.

The information on this site is provided as a free service. It is based on common conditions and may not apply to your specific situation. Please contact a Gardner representative with specific questions or comments.