FAQ: Building Owners

Are there tax advantages with a roof restoration?
Check with your CPA or tax professional first. Roof maintenance can be fully tax deductible as an operating expense. Restoration is classified as maintenance and in most cases can be expensed in the accounting period in which it is incurred.

Are warranties a good measure of roof performance?
Roof maintenance decisions should be made based on a professional survey, technical comparisons of system options and the experience of the contractor performing the work. The warranty term is driven primarily by the business climate and market considerations of the manufacturers.

Can I get a warranty on my building with APOC restoration systems?
Call an APOC local representative and let them survey your roof first. Once a survey is completed, it can then be determined if the roof can be repaired or restored, and which warranty would be available.

Does APOC have approved contractors?
Yes. Ask your local APOC representative for an approved contractor near you. APOC approves the most experienced commercial roofing contractors who specialize in roof repairs and restorations.

How can I get APOC products on my building?
Ask your professional roofing contractor to price the job with APOC products. AsK your Architect or Roof Consultant to specify an APOC restoration system.

Who is APOC?
APOC is the professional division of one of the oldest coatings manufacturers in America, with 15 plant locations and a full line of water- and solvent-based roof coatings and mastics.

Why should I consider a cool roof?
Cool roofs drastically reduce the surface temperature, which means they extend roof membrane life, improve building comfort, and can substantially reduce cooling costs.

Why should I consider a roof restoration vs. a tear-off of the existing roof?
An experienced consultant can locate problem areas and an Approved APOC contractor can repair the wet insulation and damaged deck at a fraction of the cost of a complete tear-off and replacement.

Why should I consider roof restoration vs. a re-roof?
Restorations are fully adhered to the existing roof membrane. As a result, they do not allow the lateral transmission of water between roof layers. This means that leaks are easier to find and the roof can then be maintained. If water can travel between roof layers, leak locations can be very difficult to find and expensive to fix.

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