APOC® Incredible® Primer & Adhesion Promoter

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC Incredible 
Primer & Adhesion Promoter

  • Quick Set Formula
  • Ideal for Cold Weather Conditions
  • Improves Adhesion and Bonding Strength

APOC Incredible Primer & Adhesion Promoter is a high penetrating primer developed specifically for APOC tapes and other self adhered membranes. APOC Incredible Primer and Adhesion Promoter uses high strength adhesives, surfactants and polymers to penetrate existing surfaces and provide an aggressive bonding agent. This primer is ideal for use in cold weather applications and difficult to adhere surfaces. This product is highly recommended for used prior to applications of APOC tapes when temperatures fall below 40 °F. It is also widely used as a coalescing agent on surfaces which have difficult to remove dirt or particulate matter. Finally, it is a great primer for porous surfaces such as concrete, brick, mortar and wood to improve adhesion of APOC tape and self adhered products. This product is not recommended for use on PVC. APOC Incredible Primer and Adhesion Promoter meets federal environmental standards from an atmospheric pollution regulatory perspective and is designed to work with all APOC tapes.