Code Volume
AP-5455 5 Gal
AP-5457 55 Gal Drum

APOC® 545 EternaFlex® White Thermoplastic Rubber Coating

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC 545
EternaFlex White Thermoplastic Rubber Coating

  • Heavy Duty Coating
  • Lowers Roof Temperature
  • Extreme Flexibility & Water Resistance

APOC 545 EternaFlex is a white, thermoplastic, liquid rubber coating. APOC 545 EternaFlex is ideal for application to metal roofs, silos and storage tanks and can also be utilized on concrete and approved single ply membranes. EternaFlex can be used as a high performance maintenance coating or as a repair product when utilized in conjunction with a polyester reinforcing fabric. APOC 545 is an extremely durable and elastic product that expands and contracts over 700% while providing unmatched protection from the elements. This UV blocked coating also contains a high concentration of titanium and creates a super bright finish that reflects harmful UV rays away from your roof. This results in drastic reduction in roof temperatures, lower heat transfer into your building and can reduce cooling costs up to 30%. This product can also serve as a vapor barrier and should not be applied over wet or damp substrates as this may cause blisters to form.