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When Hurricane Michael made landfall in Mexico City Beach, FL on October 10 as the fourth strongest hurricane in U.S. history, it devastated the Florida Panhandle and left hundreds of residents without shelter and electricity. Neighborhoods, businesses, apartments and hotels throughout the area suffered catastrophic damage due to the extreme winds and storm surge. Overall, damages from Hurricane Michael were estimated at over $15 billion. With our main headquarters in Tampa, FL, this storm hit close to home.  Along with the entire state of FL, we had been anxiously watching Michael’s path and couldn’t help but think, this could have...

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In the roofing industry, we collaborate with building owners and property managers who are rightfully concerned about issues that can compromise their properties. They look for repairs and/or improvements that can be accomplished in the quickest, safest, and least disruptive way to prevent loss of income and keep costs down. Clearly, the condition of the roof plays an important role in all of that, particularly regarding the decision to restore or replace it. Pass this blog along to them as they consider their options.

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When our friends at the San Diego Roofing Contractors Association (SDRCA) reached out this summer asking for help with their Build-A-Roof (BAR) program, we jumped at the opportunity! The SDRCA’s BAR program awards new roofs to deserving members of the community at no cost to them.   This year, the SDRCA selected Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) as the recipient of the pro-bono award. Canine Companions is a nonprofit organization that provides expertly-trained assistance dogs to children, adults and military veterans with disabilities. Established in 1975, CCI has six training centers across the country, including two in California, one in Florida,...

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